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RAKHDOO Driver-Guide Network of Europe

From Where and How to Hire, What All to See and Do in Europe
Any time... Any Day... Any Season
The Choice is Yours... Be Master of Yourself.

Driver-guide is a local driver who has knowledge of the places where he is taking you on a holiday or for business. He is fully licensed to drive in Europe and he will come to pick you up at the airport of your choice. And from the Pick-up till Drop-off you are the master of your tour program.
‘Rakhdoo’ driver-guide comes with a 9 Seat or a 14 Seat van and could thus carry maximum 8 to 13 passengers.

Driver's Data

Their names, where are they from, list of regions / countries they are familiar with and their availability with their hiring charges per day.

Vehicle's Information

9 to 14 seat vans, their pictures, make and year of registration that will give you complete idea about their seats and its condition and the luggage space and what all luggage it could carry.

Routes and Destinations

The hours of operation are; 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. but request to alter this timing is always accepted. Thus the tourist can enjoy late night show or catch an early morning flight.

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  • Do you love travelling to different places in Europe?
  • Are you fond of meeting people from India?
  • Are you a legal resident of EU?
  • Do you hold a Valid Driver's License to drive 9 seat / 12 Seat or a 14 Seat van?
  • Do you have time and inclination to drive around groups in and around your home country and earn some extra income?
  • If you are not a driver-guide but a service provider, you can still join our network as a PARTNER.

Come..... Join..... Rakhdoo Driver-Guide Network Remember - If you do not own a van we shall provide you one from our fleet to conduct our tours

FOR Visitors

Plan your own itinerary or just select places and destinations where all you wish to go in Europe, call ‘Rakhdoo’ and hire the driver-guide. Let the evr memorable journey begin.

Europe is a dream continent. European civilization has struggled through centuries to attain their present status, strength and eminence. Different countries of Europe have come together and formed European Union (EU), which has a single currency (Euro) and no borders (they are governed by a Schengen Treaty, which permits a person to apply to any one of the twenty-six countries of Europe to travel anywhere within the borders of these twenty-six countries on one single visa). Besides its Alpine beauty (making Switzerland, France, Italy and Austria as the most sought-after tourist destinations), it is also endowed by lush green forests.

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network Partners

Backbone of our 'Rakhdoo' Driver-guide Service are our Network Partners who provide various travel and tourism related services to our clients. They could also be approached directly through their websites on following WEB-LINKS.

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